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Pacific Environmental Solutions (808) 848-0513 Pacific Environmental Solutions (808) 848-0513 2333 Alahao Place #1C
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Urine FREE®



This fast acting, revolutionary, microbial cleaner permanently removes urine stains and odors regardless of their age. Its safe fast acting formula eliminates the source of the odor or stain problem.

Urine FREE® also works on vomit, blood, feces, grass stains and other organic stains. Because of its natural formula it is safe to use and environmentally friendly.

The product actually breaks down uric acid, breaking its components to create water. It is instantaneous and old stains can be cleaned out of carpets, tile grout and other areas over a number of uses and sufficient contact time.

FOG Waste Water Solutions
Drain Line Maintenance
Grease Trap
We Got Your Back!
We Got Your Back!