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Drain Maintenance

Refrigeration Condensate Line Solutions

Refrigeration condensate lines can cause huge issues where refrigeration is prevalent.

EB’s A/C Pan and Drain system provides a preventative solution to the bacterial jelly build up know as “Zugleia” that blocks the lines.

The simple installation of our A/C Pan and Drain pad of the right size can keep these lines clear of this substance for up to 6 months.

The systems:-

• Eradicate odors

• Save money in expensive call outs

• Help destroy harmful bacteria including legionaires and listeria

• Are easy to install

• Are safe to handle

• Are available in a range of sizes

• Are non chlorinated and non – corrosive
Can be used in chillers, window and other air conditioning units, humidifiers, refrigerated display cabinets, ice machine drains, soda fountain drains, refrigerated vending units, reach in coolers.

Supermarkets, restaurants, leisure clubs, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, schools and food manufacturers can benefit from this.

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We Got Your Back!