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Drain Maintenance

FPS Solids Control Program

Did you know – an average restaurant will wash almost 2 pounds of solids down the drain daily, if not more!

The Fine Particle Strainer (FPS) is a high quality, but low cost and low maintenance system that removes 99% of food or organic debris particles from all sink fittings before they pass into the drainage system.

The reduction in solids means dramatically reduced; blockages, foul odor, corrosion, expensive reactive plumbing, high pumping frequency and surcharges from municipal water authorities.

The Benefits are clear:

• Reduces BOD

• Reduces TSS

• Reduces Plumbing Blockages

• Reduces Odor Problems

• Reduces Corrosion and Acidity

• Reduces High Frequency Pump Outs

• Improves Performance

• Saves Money

• Reduce Fines and Surcharges

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We Got Your Back!